Built environments are crucial for the happiness of all living things, and our industry is facing great challenges today. As ContechVerse, the Ecosystem of Contech Startups,  we are determined to help the industry rebuild our world for humanity and nature, in collaboration with all members and organizations. Our aim is to help the industry thrive by accelerating and leveraging digital transformation with the innovative and disruptive approaches of the contechs. Success is possible only when the companies of the industry, the investors and the contech startups come together and collaborate for innovation.

The construction companies and industrial investors are too busy to fish out the contechs and at the multidisciplinary incubation centers, the Contech startups lack industrial mentors and they strive to reach industrial investors and bodies. At ContechVerse, the startups are stronger and more visible together.

Our Principles:

  • For the time being, we are only welcoming Turkiye-based startups to accelerate their growth domestically and globally and boost the construction Industry’s growth. In the near future we hope to shift to a global contech ecosystem.
  • We appreciate all feedback, suggestions and requests from the members, mentors and other domestic and global bodies in relation with the construction industry.
  • We aim to thrive the industry from idea to demolition phases.
  • Each member, mentor and party in cooperation accepts our code of ethics. 
Within Contechverse

The Industrial Companies will have the opportunity to:

  • Shape the technologies by being the pioneers to use the technologies and giving feedback according to their requirements.
  • Be the first to use the technologies which will give them a competitive advantage with very special offers.
  • Be able to reach most of the contech entrepreneurs at once and evaluate the extensions of digitalization globally and the future of construction.
  • Invest in technology to benefit not only from improvement in their business, but from improvement of the industry.
  • Benefit from the training sessions organized for the startups with special offers.

The Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to:

  • Be in the spotlight of the industry with projects and promotions,
  • Network with other contech startups and like-minded people,
  • Reach industrial mentors,
  • Tailor your own incubation center and be in an organization where your requirements and feedback are considered.

The Investors will have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate most of the Contechs together
  • Have a comprehensive insight of the industry
  • Invest to the future of our lives.

Our Values

Kindness Kindness

We serve for a better world and universe in all aspects for all living beings. We respect the rights and opinions of all individuals.

Trust Trust

We trust goodwill and accountability of everyone in the ecosystem, we believe in autonomy.

Sustainability Sustainability

We balance the challenges between environmental, social and economic issues. While thriving our social and economic lives we care to cure the environment.

Independency Independency

We are only on the side of creating a better world. We appreciate support and sponsorships, industrial groups and government sharing mutual values.

Collaborativeness Collaborativeness

Each contech startup, mentor and body in collaboration cares about the success of the other startups and the industry. Startups may help and collaborate with other startups within ContechVerse. As ContechVerse we collaborate with other bodies for good.

Diversity Diversity

We are stronger and more innovative with differences in all aspects. We welcome people from all backgrounds, any race, ethnicity, culture, education, age, size, family status, political or religious beliefs and mental and physical ability.