Dear candidate, kindly be informed about the application and membership conditions before application:

We welcome all technology entrepreneurs developing solutions specific to the construction and real estate industries. The only criteria are being Turkiye based and having a new innovative solution. The founder or co-founder of the startup company must apply personally.

For the first year, membership is free for all startups. After acceptance, with mutual pleasure, the membership will be renewed annually with a symbolic amount for operation costs. 

"ContechVerse reserves the unrestricted right to accept or reject this application."

Startup application form (only founder/co-founder can apply and represent the company) 


The declaration of the applicant is essential. If any change occurs in any of the information given, the applicant commits to inform consei.tech shortly . The information you give here should be open to the public, our privacy agreement will be signed mutually after acceptance. ContechVerse holds the right not to accept every application.

Dear candidate, kindly send a short description of your solution and company in 500 characters, logo in 500x500 pixels, founders profile photo in 80x80 pixels, and a descriptive photo in 1320x850 pixels to contechverse@contechverse.com . In case your application is accepted these materials will be posted on your special page.