ContechVerse were at 6th Construction Summit of IPYD


On 18th March 2023, as ContechVerse, we were guests, host and promoter of the 6th Construction Summit organised by IPYD-İstanbul Project Management Association (www.ipyd.org ).

The event started with the presentation of Güliz Fiş, the founder of inSuppliers. Demet Demirer, our founding Mentor, organized “Agile Mindset in the Construction Sector workshop”. At the following sessions the founders of İkiOkka; Halil Okka and Berivan Okka shared their experiences and knowledge with industry professionals. They talked about their "Passive House Story", shared their roadmap and the difficulties they faced and the value of the result output.

Our collaborative members, Sedat Mança, founding partner of Arventek, and Güliz Fiş, also took part in the event organisation team of IPYD, we thank for their efforts to expedite innovation, transformation and a new perspective to the sector, together.

It was the greatest value to be involved as Contechverse at IPYD’s event who has the same mindset to change the industry for better.