Dear Mentor 

If you are passionate about helping the industry by mentoring our contech startups we appreciate your support. We have no barrier for your passion we only have some steps:

We share your information with our contechs. They may reach you for your mentorship. 

After a year’s time you may apply to be one of our registered mentors and published on our Website. For registration we will ask you to have at least 20 sessions of mentoring with at least three of our contechs and to have earned a mentoring certificate from a reputable institution (or you may attend one of our courses.)

After evaluation with the contechs you mentored you’ll be one of our registered mentors and published on our mentors page.

Kindly be informed that yet startup mentorship is a volunteer program. Your prime gain will be the honor of shaping the future and being in the same platform with creative minds.

"ContechVerse reserves the unrestricted right to accept or reject this application."


Dear candidate, kindly send your wide view upper body photo in 600 - 900 pixels to contechverse@contechverse.com .  In case your application is accepted it will be posted on our mentors page. 

The declaration of the applicant is essential. If any change occurs in any of the information given, the applicant commits to informing consei.tech in one month’s time.

By applying, the mentor accepts our code of ethics. Before starting mentoring, the mentor has to sign non-disclosure agreement.

After acceptance, with mutual pleasure, the membership will be renewed annually.