Code of Ethics

As CONTECHVERSE we commit that we will endeavour to contribute making the world a better place.

All individuals and organizational bodies in collaboration with us also commit to accept and act in accordance with these moral values.

In this context our core values are:


We serve for a better world and universe in all aspects for all living beings. We respect the rights and opinions of all individuals.


We trust goodwill and accountability of everyone in the ecosystem, we believe in autonomy.


We balance the challenges between environmental, social and economic issues. While thriving our social and economic lives we care to cure the environment.


We are only on the side of creating a better world. We appreciate support and sponsorships, industrial groups and government sharing mutual values.


Each startup, mentor and body in collaboration cares about the success of the other startups and the industry. Startups may help and collaborate with other startups within contechverse. As contechverse we collaborate with other bodies for good.


We are stronger and more innovative with differences in all aspects. We welcome people from all backgrounds, any race, ethnicity, culture, education, age, size, family status, political or religious beliefs and mental and physical ability.